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  • Baltic Club Linnea Vegan Leather Journal - The perfect notebook for daily journaling practice, the office or working from home. This elegant notebook has 80 lined pages with a space for the date at the top to keep track of entries. It can also be used for any other kind of daily writing, such as task lists, meal and habit tracking, or travel memory entries, as it is easy to carry around.  6.29" x 8.66" (A5)
  • Pokoloko Throw blanket - time to get cozy. Made with alpaca fibre - stronger than mohair, warmer than wool, softer than silk and finer than cashmere. A thoughtful gift for small and big milestones. Alpaca is a natural, technical fiber that is lightweight, silky-smooth, hypoallergenic, and non-itchy. As a bonus, alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibers to make, because alpacas and alpaca fiber harvesting have a very low environmental impact
  • Blume Caramel latte blend.  A caffeine free, dairy free blend made with organic natural flavours. Naturally sweetened with dates and includes superfoods maca and schisandra. Schisandra berry  has an ancient history of use in China, and in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to increase energy, lower stress and act as a sexual tonic. Take a sip and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Mix  with espresso for an extra pep!
  • Dimanche Matin Palo Santo 8oz hand poured soy candle. Palo Santo is known for removing negativity and you'll love this candle for its incense and woody notes.  A comforting woody fragrance, which transports us to a vast and pure southern forest
  • Mast Organic Milk Chocolate. A rich, classic milk chocolate and never too sweet. Their handcrafted milk chocolate is made from bean to bar in-house - stone milled to a smooth, milky finish with organic cacao and vanilla bean
  • Woven Handmade catchall dish is the perfect dish next to the night stand for jewelry or watches. Made from 100% cotton, a soft yet durable, uniquely handmade keepsake
  • Stonewild Collective Genuine Leather Key Tag, "Trust the Journey" these are made of genuine vegetable tan leather and wear in so beautifully over time. It is a nice stone color, the more you use your key tag the more darker and worn in it gets 
  • Dusk blue speckled stoneware 12oz mug
  • Handwritten note included with each gift. Please specify details at checkout
  • All gifts are shipped in our white or kraft boxes. Wooden keepsake box for additional cost by request