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  • Chandler Honey Limited Edition Gingerbread creamed honey - Cozily crafted with creamy raw honey, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg; this flavour is warm, rich, and festive. Spread on toast, in tea or coffee, on oatmeal, with apple slices, over baked brie, or in a hot toddy
  • Real Treat Spice Pecan Shortbread *gluten-free cookies - a gluten-free holiday cookie to rival all cookies... A buttery, sweet, spiced Pecan Shortbread. Made in Toronto
  • Bals Provisions Holiday in a Jar - Produced only during the December holiday season, this conserve is basically all the delicious and boozy parts of a fruitcake, without the cake. Made with dried figs, pineapple, mango, apricots and raisins soaked in rum, added sweetness comes from fresh orange juice and cranberry extract. Pair it with brie for a treat!
  • Les Minettes Pecan and Shortbread Almonds, made with Quebec maple syrup, brown sugar, fleur de sel, and nutmeg
  • Handwritten note included with each gift. Please specify details at checkout
  • All gifts are shipped in our white or kraft boxes. Wooden keepsake box for additional cost by request