Baking box for the foodie, chef or baker. A perfect Mother's Day gift, Teacher appreciation gift box, or housewarming gift

Easy Bake Gift Box

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  • Muff & Co. Strawberry Soft Cookie Mix - A limited edition mix, a delicate cookie with strawberry fruit paste handmade by the renowned company Dinette Nationale. Makes 12 cookies and all is needed is 1/2 cup of unsalted butter and 1 egg
  • Dimanche Matin Strawberry and Basil - Strawberry spread is a staple in the canned world. Its originality is the infusion of fresh basil leaves added to the recipe. It gives it a little twist reminiscent of the little wild strawberry. Whether incorporated into a salad dressing, as a coulis on a cheesecake or integrated into a fruity cocktail, strawberry and basil will reinvent the classics
  • Gharyan Olivewood Cooking and Mixing spoon - Olivewood utensils display the naturally wrought designs of the trees from which they were formed, grown in fertile soil over many years for an absolutely unique look that enhances every kitchen
  • Confetti Mill Turkish Hand Towel - this 'peshkirs' hand towel will accompany daily tasks in the kitchen or bathroom. Super soft and fluffy, it is a treat for hands! Turkish towels are also eco-friendly products as they are highly absorbant and fast drying, thus consuming less water, detergent and time in the dryer. 100% bamboo 22x36"
  • Miels D'Anicet Wildflower Honey - A classic honey cold extracted, never pasturized, filtered and liquefied at low temperature in order to preserve the aromas and properties of honey while benefiting from its liquid texture
  • Hudson Soap Co Milk & Honey Soap - to keep in kitchen or bath
  • Handwritten note included with each gift. Please specify details at checkout
  • All gifts are shipped in our white or kraft boxes. Wooden keepsake box for additional cost by request